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Vessel Owners and Operators

Whether your vessel requires 100% or 30% coverage, whether you are participating in an open-access fishery, a CDQ fishery, an IFQ fishery, or a West Coast Catch Share Fishery, and no matter what port you are operating out of, AOI has the staff with the experience necessary to get your observer to the right place at the right time.

In the process of growing to be the largest provider of groundfish observers, AOI has developed solid business relationships with both large fishing companies and small, family-owned operations.


Vessel owners and operators can reach us twenty-four hours per day, and we maintain a field supervisor in Dutch Harbor year-round, where our bunkhouse is equipped with vhf and side-band radios.

Vessel owners and operators interested in more information should contact our Seattle office via phone at 800-483-7310 (or locally at 206-283-7310) or via e-mail at aoistaff@alaskanobservers.com. (Applicants should contact Samantha Chicos at s-chicos@alaskanobservers.com.)