Alaskan Observers, Inc.
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Alaskan Observers, Inc. (AOI) recruits biologists year-round to work as Domestic Groundfish Observers in Alaska. We also recruit biologists to work as observers in Washington, California, and Oregon. We are in the business of helping the government obtain the data necessary to achieve a sound management plan for the protection and benefit of future fisheries resources in the Bering Sea, North Pacific, and on the West Coast.

You can use this page to learn more about employment in the North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program in Alaska, about employment in the West Coast Groundfish Observer Program, about employment in the Trawl Catch Share Observer and Catch Monitor Programs, and about our Company. For the North Pacific program we will be accepting applications this fall for trainings that will take place in December 2014 and throughout the spring of 2015. We will also be recruiting in the fall for the Trawl Catch Shares Observer Program and West Coast Groundfish Observer Program with trainings that will take place in early 2015.

Alaskan Observers, Inc.

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